Smart and Simple Solutions for Household Product Manufacturers

To gain customers’ attention with household products, companies often use containers that are eye-catching and oddly shaped to sell daily staples like shampoo and soap. Manufacturing these products often poses unique challenges because of the containers’ varying shapes and sizes. To solve the filling and handling problems these bottles pose, Simplimatic Automation offers a smart and simple solution through its complete line of custom product carriers and puck handling systems.

Custom injection molded carriers, or “pucks,” are used by many companies across a variety of industries. These pucks are used to closely hold and transport unstable products through the production process. They also function to standardize fill height of uniquely-shaped objects. With the use of pucks, companies are able to minimize costly and time-consuming line changeover while simultaneously increasing line speed, and throughput.

Simplimatic’s sister company, Advantage Puck Technologies (APT), is a full-service supplier of pucks to companies around the world. APT provides 3-D modeling and FDM prototyping coupled with fast and dependable customer service to supply companies with the highest quality custom-molded carriers.

Simplimatic manufactures a complete lineup of puck handling products which are designed to smoothly manage and control pucks before, during, and after manufacturing. These systems perform a variety of functions including smooth puck and product separation, accumulation, elevation and orientation changes, and product insertion.

Simplimatic Puck Handling Products Include:

Each Simplimatic product and system is designed, manufactured, and integrated to achieve each customer’s unique production needs. After integration, upgrades or questions are always a phone call away with Simplimatic’s 24/7 emergency phone support.