Puck Line Loader & Unloader

The Simplimatic® Puck Line Loader/Unloader is a modular system that consists of an elevator mechanism that either accepts or releases pucks on the conveyor spur from an interchangeable magazine.

This system reduces puck damage, improves labor efficiency, and increases flexibility on filling lines by automating the puck management process. Typical line installs require two systems at the beginning and end of a line. However, the system can be configured to perform both loading and unloading operations on a single line if customer specification requires.

Simplimatic’s puck-handling equipment is:

  • Flexible – Works with any puck size or shape
  • Customizable – Offered with custom controls, software programming, accessories, and features to ensure each product perfectly serves every unique customer need
  • Rugged – Constructed with the highest-quality stainless steel to ensure long-lasting service

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SKU: Simplimatic Puck Line Loader & Unloader

  • Each aspect of the system can be customized based on puck size
  • Compatible with Simplimatic’s trusted Simpli-Flex® conveyor
  • The system is bidirectional to ensure the pucks are oriented correctly each time
  • Easy-to-understand operator controls
  • Smoothly running docking mechanism to disengage to allow for the re-loading of carts
  • Rigid construction to ensure pucks are handled safely
  • Pro-face display for easy interaction with the HMI and hands-free operation
  • Muting light curtain to ensure safety
  • Backed by worldwide service and support from Simplimatic Automation
  • Designed and built in the USA