Modular Pill Dispenser Bed

The Simplimatic® Modular Pill Dispenser Bed provides pharmaceutical companies, central pill pharmacies, and pill dispensaries with an easy-to-implement solution for large volume vial and prescription filling. These modular pill dispenser beds are engineered to be easily integrated and scaled to handle even the largest of filling runs.

Each modular pill dispensing bed contains 20 lanes of mat top conveyor chain that convey and position pucks containing empty vials directly under the pill dispensers. Once positioned each vial is filled and discharged for final pharmacist verification and packaging.

The system utilizes RFID technology to track the progress of each prescription and allows multiple drug types to be dispensed from a single prescription fulfillment line.

These modular pill dispenser beds were designed to allow for up to (5) units to be placed in series to provide up to 100 unique prescriptions SKUs to be filled on a single line automatically. Utilizing other conveyor from Simplimatic, dozens of these beds can be placed in parallel to provide prescription fulfillment companies with nearly limitless fulfillment scalability.

Each piece of equipment from Simplimatic can be customized to suit customer space and budget requirements.  Simplimatic’s pharmaceutical material handling and automation equipment is designed to maximize throughput, minimize line downtime, and ensure each vial or bottle is filled correctly.

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SKU: Simplimatic® Modular Pill Dispenser Bed

Simplimatic is proud to supply pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacies, and dispensaries around the world with material handling and automation systems that maximize throughput, minimize line downtime and ensure every vial and bottle is filled correctly.

  • Each bed is equipped with (20) 2.7” Simpli-Mat® Mat Top Conveyor
  • Every bed features (1) 4.7” in-feed and (1) outfeed conveyor
  • Each bank of pill dispenser beds is driven with a single drive and idle end unit
  • Pneumatic diverts and pin-stops are used to position pucks under automated pill counters
  • 20” floor to top of chain (TOC) height
  • Rapid and accurate product throughput without the use of dead plate in-feed and exit-lane conveyors
  • Embedded RFID readers for puck sorting
  • RFID antennas
  • Pneumatic device sensors
  • Advanced sensors and vision
  • Backed by worldwide service and support from Simplimatic Automation
  • Designed and built in the USA