Puck Handling Conveyor

Puck Handling

Simplimatic Automation works in close collaboration with many puck suppliers in order to ensure that each unique product and the corresponding puck can be easily integrated with the material handling and automation products Simplimatic provides.

We provide customers with a wide variety of systems; from a single puck handling machine to a fully integrated, turn-key, puck handling line. Off-the-shelf and custom-designed systems are offered to solve the complex challenges faced when properly managing pucks in modern manufacturing.

We create a cohesive puck handling solution for companies of all sizes through our unique engineering services, material handling systems, robotics, automation
systems, and integration services.

Our puck handling systems have been designed to perform the precise and repetitive tasks required to insert, separate, accumulate, elevate, lower, and invert pucks. Each system is precisely engineered to provide a comprehensive solution designed to increase throughput and line efficiency.

Puck Handling Product Catalog (PDF)