Excellerator® Pallet Conveyor

Simplimatic Automation’s rugged and reliable Excellerator Pallet and Bulk Conveyor systems are designed to safely transport medium to heavyweight electronics pallets or carriers, major appliances, automotive assemblies, and more. The system’s conveyors, components, and support structure are made from heavy-duty anodized aluminum extrusion to support a large variety of heavy products throughout the many stages of manufacturing.

This modular system features strong, twin-track, roller conveyor chain with non-synchronous design to easily handle products of heavy weights. The chain allows the conveyor to be stopped at any time for zero-backpressure accumulation and product processing without stopping production line flow or throughput.  This high-quality chain comes from a family of conveyor chain which allows for a large conveying speed range for standard and high-tension applications.

Excellerator, along with many other Simplimatic conveyor types, is modular, allowing for rapid and simple system modifications to suit a large variety of customer factory environments.

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SKU: Excellerator Pallet Conveyor

Simplimatic’s Excellerator Pallet Conveyor uses a low-back pressure roller chains to reliably transport a wide variety of products and carriers within industries such as appliance manufacturers, consumer electronics, automotive assembly, and many others. This modular system is highly versatile and able to adapt to a wide array of customer facility applications.

  • Wide variety of chains to allow a large speed range in standard and high-tension applications
  • Commonality of Simplimatic components allows a variety of options for conveyor construction
  • Modular components allow for easy system modification
  • Transports a wide variety of products and carriers
  • Non-synchronous design for minimal back-pressure accumulation and high-tension applications
  • System components use heavy-duty anodized aluminum extrusion for conveyor components and support structure
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Backed by worldwide service and support from Simplimatic Automation
  • Designed and built in the USA