Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

Over the year’s Automated storage and retrieval, systems technology has gotten better and more affordable for smaller order fulfillment operations. This has caused the adoption rate of ASRS to skyrocket. ASRS is basically a type of warehouse automation specifically designed to store and retrieve products from inventory on-demand autonomously. There are many different ways to design and implement automated storage and retrieval systems, but it depends on your product, facility size, business cycle, operational goals, level of growth, and available investment.

Having an ASRS for your business will offer an efficient, faster way to move goods through your facility using horizontal or vertical storage carousels. This eliminates the use of forklifts and wasted travel time between widely place racking systems. Simplimatic can help design, create, and implement the right ASRS for your business. Our team of skilled engineers will consult and present you with the best solution(s) for your product and storage needs.

Benefits of an automated storage and retrieval system:

  • Increased inventory storage capacity
  • More efficient use of floor space
  • Increased throughput
  • Ability to reclaim unused vertical space in your facility
  • Improved safety, resulting in fewer accidents
  • Increased order picking accuracy
  • Improved security of your inventory
  • Reduced labor costs