Automated Case & Pallet Labeling

Whether you are labeling directly to boxes or pallets, we have a solution for labeling needs. Automating the labeling of products is the best way to error-proof and customize your end-of-line process.

Simplimatic’s reputation for system integration is an advantage in product labeling applications. Many applications require some form of integration, whether that is software integration, material handling integration or both.

Depending on your throughput rates, Simplimatic offers different size body units.  From compact Mini printer applicators, ideal for low volume applications or space restricted applications, to standard printer applicators, perfect for high volume and long label applications.

Labels can include descriptive and traceability information:

  • Case/Product Weight – Requires an inline scale that weighs the product as it passes.
  • Production Time – Time is captured and placed on the label for tracking.
  • Product Description – Product description can be pulled directly from your product database and placed on the label.
  • Case/Lot Number– For order fulfillment, case number can be included – for example case 6 out of 50.
  • Lot Date – Can be order date or date of fulfillment.
  • Order Number