Robotic Depalletizing Automation Systems

Simplimatic Robotic Depalletizing Systems are designed to unload single or multiple pallets simultaneously. Simplimatic supplies depalletizers in both conventional multi-axis as well as force-limiting collaborative varieties with payloads available ranging from .5 kg up to 700 kg depending on project need. All Simplimatic robotic depalletizers are available with custom recipes to allow a single cell to handle multiple SKUs with variable stacking patterns.

Both off-the-shelf and custom end-effectors such as vacuum cup grippers, pneumatically controlled grippers, and servo-driven grippers are available to customers depending on product type and pallet loading preference. This large variety of custom tooling paired with sensitive sensors allows for the precise handling of products ranging from pliable toilet paper to heavy boxes of medical devices or computer products.

Simplimatic robotic systems are easily integrated with new or existing material handling lines and other production setups.

  • Robotic depalletize cases, bags, bundles, trays, totes, pails, pallets, and tier sheets
  • Tier sheets, toss or put in a rack.
  • Restack empty pallets
  • Use vision to locate product – vision can teach on the fly for products that have never been introduced before, making the system more flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced costs
  • Flexible and precise
  • Programmable