Pallet Conveyor Systems

Simplimatic’s pallet conveyor systems consist of a chain-driven live roller (CDLR), zero pressure accumulation conveyor, drag chain conveyor, and gravity roller conveyor. We also integrate lift and rotate conveyors, pallet dispensers, turntables, chain transfers, and transfer cars. Starting with core components, we have virtually limitless enhancements to provide maximum application adaptability and flexibility. Consequently, we provide on-time deliveries, affordable solutions, and superior quality.

Simplimatic pallet conveyors come standard with 1.9″, 2-1/2″, 2-9/16″, 3-1/2″ diameter rollers or larger if needed. Standard lengths come in nominal 5 and 10-foot sections with standard effective widths ranging from 12″ to 60″. Typical conveyor speeds are 30, 45, or 60 FPM. Our pallet conveyors come standard with heavy-duty channel supports which provide additional ruggedness in demanding applications.

Directional Pallet Conveyor