2D & 3D Vision Inspection Collage

Robotic Inspection & Testing

Simplimatic Automation designs, manufactures, and integrates a variety of custom robotic automation systems, including our automated visual inspection cell. This highly custom modular robotic cell provides manufacturers with an in-line solution to visually inspect, trace, and otherwise read and verify product data.

This robotic system utilizes one or more multi-axis robots and cameras mounted both to the robotic head and to the system frame to read, verify, and communicate findings to other down-line or offline processes. The system can utilize vision systems from Fanuc®, Cognex®, Basler®, Microscan®, and other customer-specified machine vision vendors.

Simplimatic can utilize the following robots for this application:
  • Fanuc LR Mate 200iC
  • Fanuc CR-7iA
  • Fanuc CR-4iA
  • Other Multi-Axis Robots

This multi-axis visual inspection system can support multiple recipe types allowing manufacturers to easily accommodate multiple SKUs on a production line.

For more information on robotic visual inspection systems, contact the Simplimatic sales team today.