Puck Washer

Pucks (custom-molded product carriers) are often used in production lines to stabilize otherwise unstable products and/or minimize production changeover between products by utilizing a common product base. Over time, pucks become dirty from a combination of spilled liquids and dust. This dirt and grime build-up could lead to the staining and marring of new products, as well as automation fouling contributing to line downtime.

Many industries choose to wash pucks manually, sacrificing valuable production time to clean stubborn grime. The Simplimatic® Puck Washer saves companies valuable time by cleaning more than 20 pucks in a two-minute cleaning-cycle time (based on a 6 in. puck size). This machine is approximately 10 ft and features four cleaning cycles which include a pre-wash zone, soak zone, final-rinse zone, and a dry zone.

The Simplimatic Puck Washer is designed to alleviate the dirt and grime surrounding puck use; eliminate manual puck washing labor; automate in-line puck cleaning; clean pucks using a 4-stage process; clean with high-flow, high-temperature nozzles; and utilizes an internal water tank for convenience.

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SKU: Simplimatic Puck Washer

  • A tooled, removable panel is provided for access to the wash tank
  • Door locks can be purchased separately to ensure washer doors can not be opened during operation
  • Standard Simplimatic Puck Washer accommodates 10 ft of conveyor which can wash a cycle of about 20 pucks (at 6 in each) in each two-minute cycle
  • The superstructure and tanks of the machine are all type 304 stainless steel
  • All internal and external supports are stainless steel
  • All piping, tubing, and nozzles are PVC and polypropylene
  • The washing chamber and drying chambers are protected by an insulated, hinged, interlocked stainless steel door
  • Operator can easily reach all areas of the washer interior while standing on the floor
  • Nozzles can be removed by hand, no tools necessary
  • Stainless steel and plastic construction makes any needed maintenance very simple
  • Backed by worldwide service and support from Simplimatic Automation
  • Designed and built in the USA