Gravity Puck Lowerator

The Simplimatic® Gravity Puck Lowerator is designed to gently guide pucks on a vertical serpentine path from an upper level to lower conveyor lines. This system is constructed using rugged 6063-T6 extruded aluminum frame and stainless steel/UHMW in-feed twist fitting/guide.

This system features an optional device that attaches to the lower portion of the Serpentine Puck Lowerator and stops pucks at the discharge. This allows the pucks to accumulate through the unit and carefully singulates pucks one at a time while allowing another puck to join at the machine’s entrance.

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SKU: Simplimatic Gravity Puck Lowerator

Puck Gravity Lowerator Conveyor

Product Options

  • 6063-T6 extruded aluminum frame with screw adjustable pedestal feet
  • Extruded aluminum frame with screw adjustable pedestal feet
  • Set of machined UHMW PE serpentine guides
  • Set of Lexan covers for guides
  • UHMW exit guides


  • Optional accumulation and single-discharge device
  • Areas adjacent to the serpentine path will be filled with sound-absorbing acoustic foam
  • Serpentine decline will be pre-assembled and tested before shipment
  • Backed by worldwide service and support from Simplimatic Automation
  • Designed and built in the USA