Single Filer Conveyor

The Simplimatic single filer conveyor is primarily used to convey plastic bottles or cups, aluminum cans, and glass bottles. The single filer conveyor is typically used in conjunction with a Simplimatic accumulation table or loading and unloading areas of a production line to organize large groups of products into a single file line to ready the product for down the line operations such as washing, drying, filling, labeling and shipping. Simplimatic’s single filer conveyor streams easily from bulk accumulation into a single lane for constant, steady operation at increasingly higher line speeds. Our single filer conveyor ensures that product moves smoothly and safely to its next destination. The Simplimatic single filer conveyor can easily integrate within existing production lines for maximum flexibility.

Simplimatic was founded in 1965 as a business that specialized in the design and manufacture of conveyor and automation systems for the bottling industry. Since then, Simplimatic has become a trusted industry leader in automation and material handling equipment for beverage companies across the globe. Our conveyors are constructed in different types of materials and belt designs.