Simplimatic’s Innovative Conveying and Robotics Solutions Headed to IPC APEX

Simplimatic Automation, a leader in material handling and automation, is preparing to demonstrate their trusted electronics equipment and robotics during the upcoming IPC APEX at booth 2123 at the San Diego Convention Center in California, February 14-16.

IPC APEX is a five-day event where professionals from across the globe participate in a technical conference; exhibition; and professional development, standards development, and certification programs. At this year’s event, Simplimatic will be demonstrating three demo cells which include a Cimtrak® SMT Board Handling Line, a Cimtrak® Laser Marking Cell, and a robotics line featuring a FANUC M-1iA, a FANUC LR Mate 200iD, and a Universal Robot (UR3).

 Simplimatic’s line of Cimtrak conveyor and automation products are world-renowned for their reliability and have a long history of moving printed circuit boards (PCBs), ceramic and metal substrates, flexible media, JEDEC trays, and other carriers since their debut in 1988. These products have an average service life of over 15 years and are in use by hundreds of SMT manufacturers around the globe.

 In addition to conveying products, Simplimatic specializes in the integration of robotics and automation equipment to automate repetitive, unsafe, or monotonous manual tasks for the electronics industry. Simplimatic is a registered integrator for FANUC, other robotic manufacturers, and works to pair customers’ production needs with a robot featuring the payload, reach, repeatability, and speed to accomplish the task reliably.

 At the show, Simplimatic’s Simpli-Flex® HD Tabletop Conveyor will transport a Raspberry Pi computer between robotic assembly processes. During the robotics demo, the Raspberry Pi PCB will first stop at a FANUC M-1iA that will place odd-form heat sinks on the device. After placement, a FANUC LR Mate 200iD will then carefully pick up the PCB, place it in a plastic case, and close the PCB enclosure to demonstrate electronics box building. Finally, at the end of the line, the UR3 will quickly remove the plastic enclosure, remove the heat sinks, and replace all the individual components to their original position on the conveyor pallet to allow the assembly cycle to begin again.

 “This robotic line will be a great way to show the versatility of robotics for the electronics industry,” Kevin Welsch, Simplimatic Marketing Manager, said. “Our robotic demo, coupled with our other Cimtrak® conveyor will be a sweet display of our capabilities for electronic manufacturers.”

 Typical robotic applications within the electronics industry include picking and placing, box building, inspection, and sorting. Simplimatic’s engineers can program any robot with a large variety of custom features, such as many error recovery scenarios, to ensure smooth integration and reliable operation within customers’ facilities around the world.

 At this year’s IPC APEX show, the Simplimatic team is looking forward to displaying their trusted material handling solutions for the electronics industry, paired with innovative robotics and automation equipment geared to ensure the efficiency and high throughput of any electronics production line.