Simplimatic Palletizing Robot Offers Advanced Error Recovery

Simplimatic Automation, a leader in material handling and automation, recently programmed and integrated a palletizing FANUC© M-710iC/50H robot able to stack 20 cases per minute for a personal healthcare company.

The vibrant yellow robot features five axes and a 110 lb (50 kg) payload capacity enabling it to easily and quickly maneuver within its protective caging. The palletizing robot is fed a steady stream of 11 lb (5 kg) boxes by the customer’s conveyor which is fitted with Simplimatic’s custom box guide featuring case clamps to ensure proper positioning on the line. This guide is designed to fit the customer’s current manufacturing line and accelerate the customer’s ability to integrate the system smoothly into their facility.

The robot was programmed using the FANUC© ROBOGUIDE – Pallet Tool Turbo, allowing Simplimatic’s engineers to program precise case patterns, along with an impressive amount of error recovery off-line. The robot is able to quickly return to normal programming after more than 20 different error scenarios such as e-stop, dropped case, light curtain fault, wrong case count, lost vacuum, etc.

“In every instance, the robot started back up and continued on from where it left off based on the inputs from the operator,” Allen Bancroft, Senior Project Manager of Custom Automation, said. “I cannot say enough that this level of diagnostic information and error recovery is something Simplimatic should be extremely proud to have as part of our systems.”

Using the FANUC© ROBOGUIDE – Pallet Tool Turbo, Simplimatic programmed the system to easily adapt to any additional stacking patterns or changes the customer may desire after in-house installation.

“This robot really puts our customer in the driver’s seat,” Bancroft said. “Suddenly this massive machine is responding to them quickly with just the touch of a button and really streamlining their manufacturing process. They are thrilled that a taxing manufacturing process is now automated in a very reliable manner.”

The palletizing robot is an ideal addition to the Simplimatic line of custom automation equipment which allows businesses in a large range of factory environments to smoothly automate repetitive tasks. Simplimatic often provides conveyors and automation for mid-stream operations, but this system marked a successful expansion of Simplimatic’s custom automation equipment into downstream manufacturing processes.

“We’re very proud to add this robotic solution to our line of standard products,” Kevin Welsch, Simplimatic Marketing Manager, said. “We’ve been integrating FANUC© robots for years and it’s exciting to see us expand into palletizing applications.”