Simplimatic Joins Total Solutions Program.

Simplimatic Automation, a leader in material handling and automation is working together with Panasonic, a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of electronics assembly equipment for surface mount technology (SMT), pin through hole (PTH) and microelectronics.

These two companies will be working together in the Panasonic Total Solutions Initiative that will debut during the upcoming IPC APEX Expo March 15-17. The initiative pairs Panasonic’s SMT assembly and bonding equipment with Simplimatic’s dual-lane, power width control (PWC) edge belt conveyor systems; aisle-way conveyor; and board buffering equipment. This equipment will work in conjunction with other automation machinery, to offer customers complete PCB assembly and processing lines.

“To have such an established and well-known player in the SMT industry promoting our products is huge,” Simplimatic Marketing Manager, Kevin Welsch, said. “We’re thrilled to be participating in this program. It’s exciting to know that our edge belt conveyor systems are perceived as being ‘industry best’ from another leader in SMT equipment.”

Through this initiative, Panasonic will offer customers a new level of integration which is unsurpassed within the industry. The Total Solutions program is designed to provide customers rapid integration and shipping to decrease overall lead time for new SMT lines. Panasonic knows through this initiative, customers will have products integrated correctly, prompt equipment arrival times, and support from companies like Simplimatic.

“All of our products are made in the USA and quality, as well as rapid shipping speed, is paramount to Panasonic,” Welsch said. “By teaming with Simplimatic, Panasonic customers will receive the highest quality material handling equipment, as well as fast and reliable customer support. All integration equipment will arrive on time and any necessary line changes and upgrades can be handled immediately. We want to do all we can to make automation a smooth process for companies. This initiative is our way of ensuring that smooth process.”