Simplimatic Gains Attention at IPC APEX

This month, several members of the Simplimatic Automation team went to California to represent the company at the annual IPC APEX trade show. The event allowed the team to demonstrate Simplimatic’s newest automation and material handling equipment, make connections with customers, and reconnect with company representatives.

Simplimatic’s show booth displayed a large variety of equipment to serve the electronics industry such as an automated robotics assembly line, laser marking and board traceability system, and a Cimtrak® PCB material handling line.

Simplimatic’s robotics lines included two FANUC robots and a Universal Robot working together to simulate heat sink placement, box building, and product disassembly. The robots demonstrated a few ways to utilize custom robotic automation within the electronics industry. The system also featured custom controls, accessories, and custom end-of-arm-tooling for the robots. “When hearing how Simplimatic is able to design, engineer, and integrate custom systems the visitors often recognized an application within their own facility,” Kevin Welsch, Simplimatic Marketing Manager, said.

Along with the robotics system, Simplimatic’s Cimtrak® edge belt equipment caught the eye of many of Simplimatic’s current customers who commented on the extreme reliability and durability of their current systems.

The Cimtrak® material handling line included:

  • Cimtrak® Vacuum Board Loader
  • Cimtrak® Edge Belt Conveyor
  • Cimtrak® Board Inverter
  • Cimtrak® Workstation Conveyor
  • Cimtrak® FIFO Buffer
  • Cimtrak® Compact Magazine Loader

In addition, Simplimatic also demonstrated PCB marking using a Keyence® Hybrid Laser and board traceability using a Microscan® Vision.

The laser marking cell included:

  • Cimtrak® Edge Belt Conveyor
  • Cimtrak® Hybrid Laser Marker
  • Cimtrak® Panel Scan

Both Cimtrak® lines gained a large amount of attention and customers often visited the booth seeking to update or further outfit their lines with the trusted systems on display.

“It is definitely encouraging when current customers tell us how much they appreciate the equipment and how they are looking to purchase more,” Welsch said.

During their time in California, the Simplimatic team was also able to meet with company representatives to discuss future sales goals. During this meeting, an award for Rep of the Year was presented to BarTron, Inc., Simplimatic’s rep located in the Midwest covering Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

“Simplimatic’s support of our customers is second to none,” Bob Papp, President and Owner of BarTron, Inc., said. “Simplimatic is a valued partner of BarTron.”

This year’s IPC APEX offered the chance to gain attention with the newest Simplimatic robotic systems, demonstrate material handling and automation equipment, connect with current and future customers, as well as foster relationships with Simplimatic’s growing representative network. The team’s trip to IPC APEX was a huge success and they look forward to the next opportunity to demonstrate their manufacturing systems which are designed to help companies across the globe Keep it Smart, Keep it Simple.