Ramped Up College Recruiting Builds Engineering Team

College graduation season has arrived, and Simplimatic Automation is working diligently to recruit the best and brightest of new engineering talent. With demand for custom automation and robotics on the rise, Simplimatic Automation is investing in the next generation of engineers to develop their skillset and support our talented engineering veterans.

The process of recruiting and developing new engineering talent is vital for companies like Simplimatic Automation, and will only increase in importance as demand for engineering resources; both locally and nationally, continues to surge upward. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics demand for both electrical and mechanical engineering resources is expected to increase by 2 percent annually for the next decade as manufacturing continues to add automation technology.

“College recruiting is an important part of building a robust Engineering department,” Jason Detwiler, Simplimatic Vice President of Engineering, said. “Engineering students who come to Simplimatic as interns get a leg up because they get direct, hands-on exposure to every aspect of delivering engineered solutions to customers.  Simplimatic gives them an excellent, well-rounded experience to tout on their resumes.”

Simplimatic Automation works actively with engineering schools throughout Virginia and across the east coast of the United States to recruit electrical, mechanical, software, and controls engineers. Most recent graduates start their careers with Simplimatic as paid interns during the months preceding or immediately following graduation. Engineering interns get a unique inside look on how automation companies like Simplimatic operate and can use that knowledge to make long-term decisions about a future career.

Simplimatic is committed to delivering the best in material handling and robotic automation for our customers around the globe. The best method to ensuring this continues to happen is by maintaining an industry-leading team of engineering talent. Simplimatic is thankful to have engineering veterans and newcomers working together to help keep manufacturing smart and simple.

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