Robotic Parts Feeding

Part feeding is a crucial first step of the automated assembly process. In order to start automating your manufacturing, your automation cells must be equipped with all the necessary components and parts to join your components together. Many companies have to deal with the complexity of many different part styles, sizes of parts and shift change over for manual employees without automation. The answer? Part feeding.

We use a variety of ways to feed parts:

  • Vibratory bowls and/or tracks
  • Conveyors
  • Pallets and trays

Robotic parts feeding from Simplimatic Automation can help leverage your automation investment by allowing your automation solution to assemble a wide range of products. Robot machine vision and adept mechanical design are used to handle a plethora of parts from bulk to individual components. We combined these applications to create a solution that can handle your specific part variety quickly in order to boost your production rates.