Robotic Force Sensing

The creation and development of robotic force sensing is one of the biggest proponents of the advancement of robotics.  Robots equipped with force sensors are able to detect different forces applied to the wrist axes of a robot or integrated into an EoAT (end-of-arm-tool). Sensory data can be read by the robot so it can adjust its force or motion for the least amount of resistance depending on the application the robot is performing. Applications best suited for force sensors are delicate and/or complex assemblies.

Force sensing technology is crucial for the following types of operations in order to give the robot more independence and autonomy to determine the correct amount of pressure, force or torque needed in order to create a uniform, high quality product:

  • Screw driving
  • Buffing
  • Component insertion
  • Component fitting
  • Sanding
  • Polishing
  • Grinding