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Simplimatic designs are simple and proven, with thousands of machines operating in some of the world's most demanding semiconductor assembly, test, and R&D environments. Our expertise can help your company reduce scrap, lower labor costs, manage WIP, and increase utilization by automating the handling of JEDEC trays, carriers, and pallets that are common in back-end semiconductor manufacturing.

Unlike expensive fab equipment providers who offer material handling as a secondary product, our core competency is material handling. Reconfigure or optimize your line quickly and easily by selecting from our standard line of modular magazine handlers, stackers, shuttles, workstations, rotators, orientators, and more.

Standard On All Units:

  • Designed to SEMI S2/S8
  • High vacuum lubricants
  • Low particulate belting
  • AB PLC's
  • Closed-loop servo motion control
  • Stepper-controlled PLCs
  • NEMA-rated enclosures
  • Electrostatic dissipative construction


Reconfiguring your factory?
Our modular approach to machine design results in maximum flexibility for you. As your production layout changes, just add or subtract our plug-and-play conveyor modules. Each machine is built to SEMI and SMEMA industry standards, which ensures they will integrate easily into your production lines.

Need to add accessories?
Microscopes, heated stages, 2D readers, and tooling fixtures will bolt right to our proprietary extruded aluminum framework with basic hand tools. No welding or drilling required.

Have a custom requirement?
Our modular design philosophy means we can respond quickly to custom requests, without starting a design from scratch, which saves you time and money. For example, we have pre-packaged solutions for custom magazine sizes, extra-small or extra-large products, fragile substrates, and high-temperature packages.

Additional Features

"Clean" Design
Special lubricants and conveyor belts minimize chemical and particulate contamination.
Lift and Locate Tooling
Add lift and locate or lift and rotate tooling for inspection, metrology, or orientation processes.
Footprint Minimization
Every effort is taken to reduce footprint, while providing easy access to the interior of the machine.
ESD Management
Grounded frames, static dissipative belts, and ESD receptacles are standard.
Media Transfer
Provides "lot size one" material handling management.
Optical Inspection
Standard XY stages available for mounting common microscope types.
Media-specific Material Handling
Equipment is specifically designed to handle "J" or flat-style carriers, JEDEC trays, or pallets.
Humidity and Temperature Management
Controlled humidity environments available, as well as high-temperature part handling, up to 150° Celsius.


Simplimatic Automation, Inc. is owned by Simplimatic Engineering Holdings, LLC a business development and private equity firm.