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Simplimatic Green Initiative Statement

green initiatives

Simplimatic is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products, processes and operations. We actively seek ways and methods to reduce utility consumption and waste while increasing levels of efficiency and recycling throughout the organization. Our goal is to continuously improve our corporate green business practices and to provide our customers with products that are as environmentally-friendly as practical.

Current Initiatives

Energy Reduction

  • Replace inefficient facility lighting with high-efficiency illumination.
  • Replace CRT monitors with more energy-efficient units (LED, LCD, etc.)
  • Adjust facility thermostats to higher settings in warm months, lower settings in cool months.
  • Institute power management systems & guidelines (lights out)

Product-Line Efficiency

  • Utilize high efficiency motors and controls where possible.
  • Reduce drivetrain friction where possible to reduce power requirements.
  • Specify components to increase product life-cycle where practical.
  • Revise specified formulation of plastic components to include larger percentage of recycled resin where possible.
  • Investigate other alternative components that are more efficient or green-friendly.

Waste Reduction

  • Reduce hard-copy printing where possible.
  • Implement facility recycling of paper, cardboard, plastic and glass.
  • Reduce landfill volume through conservation and recycling initiatives.
  • Explore vendor packaging alternatives to reduce waste.

Reduction Goals

  1. Reduce facility electric usage 15% by 2014Q4 (2011-12 baseline: WH usage per $R)
  2. Reduce water usage 10% by 2014Q4 (2011-12 baseline: CF/10K$R)
  3. Reduce landfill tonnage 20% by 2014Q4 (2011-12 baseline: Tn/M$R)

Simplimatic Automation, Inc. is owned by Simplimatic Engineering Holdings, LLC a business development and private equity firm.