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Excellerator ™ is a modular twin track conveyor system designed for the transport of medium to heavy weight pallets/carriers for the manufacture and assembly of electronics equipment, major appliances and automotive assemblies.

The system is designed for free flow accumulation, which allows conveyed product to be stopped at any time for accumulation and processing without stopping the conveyor or raising the pallet from the conveyor.

Excellerator ™ is designed to meet the needs of a borad customer base. It can be supplied in component form, assembled components and as turn-key systems, complete and ready for production. In addition, common dimensional characteristics allow the components to be used for existing system modification, system replacement, replacement parts and spare parts.

The Excellerator ™ system features conveyor chain which is extremely quite, strong, durable, clean and requires only minimal maintenance.

The family of conveyor chains - plastic bi-speed, plastic single speed and steel single speed - can be used in the same conveyor beam to help match the conveyor to your specific needs.

All conveyor chains are supplied with chain clips, which are preassembled in the chain. This eliminates the need for clip installation and helps to prevent clips from falling into the chan beam and guards. Incorporating chain and clips with the screw shedding capabilities of the conveyor beam helps to eliminate small particles from entering the spaces between the chain rollers, preventing damage to conveyor beams, chain and pallets.

Due to the continual motion of the conveyor chains, wear strip is included with the conveyor beam. This wear strip prevents compromising the integrity of the aluminum conveyor beam. The unique "drop in" wear strip design allows ease in assembly and replacement (when necessary).

The Excellerator ™ system has a large selection of standard guide rail components. This allows the flexibility to supply the exact configuration for your pallet/carrier. Special guide rail considerations can also be designed and supplied for your specific product application.
The Excellerator ™ system has a complete line of components to configure your conveyor system needs. Common components include conveyors, drives, guide rails, rotate tables, product transfers, vertical lifts, pallets, stops, lift-locates, and electrification rail.
Excellerator ™ employs standard component designs and the latest advances in aluminum extrusion, injection molding and metal forming manufacturing technologies.
Excellerator ™ can be used in conjunction with the family of Simplimatic Automation products to create a totally integrated manufactureing solution, effectively creating a single source supply for all conveyor, automation and control needs.

The Excellerator™ Advantage:

  • Transports a wide variety of products/carriers
  • Non-synchronous design for low line pressure accumulation and high tension applications
  • Family of conveyor chains that allow a large speed range in standard and high tension applications
  • System components use heavy duty anodized aluminum extrusions for conveyors, components and support structure
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Modular components allow system modification flexibility
  • Commonality of Simplimatic Automation components allows a variety of component options for conveyor construction

Excellerator™ Conveyor Applications

The Excellerator ™ system can be used for a wide variety of applications. LIsted below are some of the industries where twin track palletized conveyor systems are presently being used:

    Major Appliances
  • Clothes Washers
  • Clothes Dryers
  • Refrigerators
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Microwaves
  • Electronics
  • Manufacture of CRT's
  • Television Assembly
  • Computer Monitors
  • DVD Recorders/Players
  • VCR's
  • Cable Boxes
  • Automotive
  • Engine Assembly
  • Transmission Assembly
  • Seat Assembly
  • Bearings

  • Golf Ball Manufacturing
  • Lawn Tractor Assembly
  • Product Molding Process

The Excellerator ™ is designed and supported by Simplimatic Automation, a global supplier of material handling products and custom automation. Backed by an international network of authorized distributors, our experienced factory support staff is also available for construction on application requirements or to provide technical assistance.

Simplimatic Automation provides engineering/manufacturing services for an extensive rance of customer needs in industry today. We can support all of you engineering requirements, including system design, system controls, PLC programming, special machine development, robotics, and pick and place systems.

Our comprehensive approach to conveyor design means you get fast system installation, reliable operation, and a cost effective system that is flexible enough to adapt to your changing system needs.


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